Smart Beverage Tech, previously known as Dispense Tech 360, is the leading manufacturer of beverage dispensing technology and automated kiosks.

Additionally, we are the inventor of the first Kegerator Vending Machine (“KVM”), which is a self-serve, self-pay kiosk dispensing craft beverages on tap.

Each KVM unit features a fully unattended beverage tap dispensing system that enables users to pour as little or as much of the desired beverage as they wish. The beverage options are limitless but often include Cold Brew coffee and Kombucha. Our KVM units are perfect for buildings and facilities looking to share or transfer the cost of craft beverages on tap to employees, tenants or consumers. For example, ideal properties include fitness centers, convention centers, universities, commercial or residential properties, and enterprise corporations.

Kegerator Vending Machine Graphic

Utilizing the latest is workflow automation, the KVM technology allows for a completely unattended craft beverage experience. Customers simply tap the screen, swipe their credit or debit card, and pour as much or as little of the draft beverage on tap as they would like. To illustrate, it is similar to how you would pay for gas at a gas station. Our system can be installed as its own unit or integrated into any custom draft system. Above all, the online dashboard allows you to track spend and ounces poured in real-time. In addition to sales data, our KVM units track keg levels, remaining gas pressure, machine temperature, and more, ensuring you and your community have a seamless and convenient craft beverage experience.